Katjes calls on people to be more mindful of life.

In the corona pandemic, we emphasised the motto of our campaign: ‘Every life is precious.’ Together with the hashtag #takecareofeachother, this calls all of us to be more mindful of others – and particularly of older people. Because it’s not just that older people are harder hit by Covid-19; often, they get forgotten or relegated to the sidelines by advertising and by the public.
Due to current restrictions, we were unable to complete a new photo shoot for this campaign. But looking through Karsten Thormaehlen’s ‘Aging Gracefully’ art series, we found the perfect face for our campaign: ‘Kaetchen’. Thormaehlen produces portraits of centenarians. We’ve put up large-format posters of Kaetchen across Europe.

Woo-hoo, no moo – the first vegan chocolate by Katjes.

Katjes catapults its brand promise ‘Every life is precious’ to a new high. Following on from vegetarian fruit gums, the company now presents Chocjes – the first vegan chocolate to be made with oat milk, and entirely dairy-free. To launch this sustainable, animal-friendly alternative, Katjes has launched a national campaign throughout Germany with the slogan ‘Woo-hoo, no moo’.

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Chocjes Tafeln Chocjes Tafeln

Every life is precious – Katjes stokes up the ‘All plant-based!’ campaign!

In 2018, Katjes made powerful statements with its ‘All plant-based’ campaign.
And this commercial, in which the hero is a three-legged dog, does the same. The dog’s owner loves and protects him all the more for his disability. The main thrust of the commercial – ‘Every life is precious’ – refers on the one hand to the affection the young lady bears towards her dog. But it’s also a reference to being mindful about what we eat. Animal welfare and vegetarian lifestyles are the points here that connect with Katjes, because Katjes fruit gums contain zero animal gelatine and are 100% vegetarian.