Wunderland is now available with vitamins.

Now you can indulge your sweet tooth with lots of vitamins. Alongside niacin, biotin and pantothenic acid, the new Wunderland + Vitamine varieties now also contain vitamins E, B6, B12 to support bodily functions. Naturally, you should still make sure you eat a balanced diet.

Nikeata and Katjes: a truly powerful combo.

Vitality, body control and lots of charisma are the ingredients that have helped dancer and choreographer Nikeata Thompson climb right to the top. Under strictest observance of the corona rules, she dances to the beat on a rooftop in Berlin. Every movement is calculated and perfect. And it might not look like it, but Nikeata actually has a sweet tooth. She embodies the spirit of the age perfectly: she’s always on the move, highly disciplined, and she loves a sweet treat.