The first vegan chocolate by Katjes.

Intensive livestock farming is one of the world’s biggest catalysts for global warming. The practice is highly objectionable – and not just for the animals themselves. A convincing message. So convincing, in fact, that the legendary Gerald Scarfe from England agreed to help us with our project.

Scarfe gained world fame with his design for the cover of Pink Floyd’s album ‘The Wall’. In his inimitable style, previously unseen in the food industry, the television commercial takes a critical look at cattle farming. At the same time, it points to the way forward. Oats. Because out of all the many plant-based milk substitutes, oats are the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternative. Which is good news for dairy cows, too. And quite an affair of the heart for Scarfe, who insisted on drawing the pictures for the elaborate TV commercial himself.

Spotlight on sustainability.

With ‘Chocjes’, Katjes delivers on its sustainability promise. Because this chocolate is not only made with oat milk – it’s also made with UTZ cocoa and UTZ hazelnuts. When it come to being environmentally friendly and sustainable, oat milk is far superior to other plant-based milk alternatives such as soy milk or almond milk. The UTZ label certifies that the cocoa and hazelnuts are grown sustainably and that the farmers work in good working conditions, receive a fair salary and are taught to use environmentally-friendly farming methods. In addition, all Chocjes products are wrapped in FSC-certified paper.