Bodo the Bear - Katjes

Bodo the Bear

So who is that cutie? It’s a little bear!
And not just any bear, but a very special one: It’s our Katjes Bodo the Bear, the green-eared bear! This yummy fruit gum comes in cherry, lemon, orange, pineapple and apple flavour. Here is what makes it special: The green ear! It not only looks adorable, but also represents irresistibly yummy vegetarian goodness without any animal gelatine. Our Bodo the Bear has really delighted everyone, earning it the 2013 Bestseller Award as Germany‘s top-selling new product innovation in the category of confectioneries! Simply the “beary” best!

  • without animal gelatin
  • gluten-free

100g usually contains

  • kcal


  • Protein (g)


  • Fat (g)


  • Carbs (g)


Bodo the Bear - Katjes
Bodo the Bear from Katjes