Katjes - Peya the Parrot

Enchanted World

Congratulations – you are holding several little Katjes miracles in your hands: Glittery unicorns, stars, enchanting fairies and colorful rainbows on which ends you can find our hearts. Welcome to Wonderland! The name says it all: Magically delicious fruit gum miracles in five different colors and flavors: Currant, peach, raspberry, lime and blood orange. Naturally vegetarian – without any animal gelatin. Like in any other Katjes products, we only use natural flavoring and coloring.

  • without animal gelatin
  • gluten-free

100g usually contains

  • kcal


  • Protein (g)


  • Fat (g)


  • Carbs (g)


Katjes - Peya the Parrot
Peya the Parrot from Katjes