Wunderland Black-Edition


Holiday in a bag! Introducing: the first Katjes fruit gums with summery yogurt and six vitamins.

Enjoy the perfect summer...feel the sun on your face and take a dip in the clear blue waves. Lie back under a palm tree and dream of your favourite turtle, seahorse or cute squid. While flamingos perch in the water, enjoy the refreshing taste of watermelon, pineapple, coconut, mango, apple and peach in the shimmering midday heat.

Made with exclusively natural flavourings and colourings. And vegetarian, naturally – so no animal gelatin. 100% veggie – jes, jes, jes!

  • without animal gelatin
  • gluten-free

100g usually contains

  • kcal


  • Protein (g)


  • Fat (g)


  • Carbs (g)


Wunderland Black-Edition
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