Katjes - Frdd Ferkel

Fred Ferkel

Aww, how cute! A little pink piggy! We hear that all
the time when someone sees our Fred Ferkel. And it’s really true:
Everybody loves our Fred Ferkel, especially his fruity ears, which come in strawberry, cherry and raspberry flavour. We always put extra effort into the preparation, and worked just as hard, if not more so, to create a vegetarian recipe. After all, we had wanted to make our Fred Ferkel without animal gelatine for a long time. We find him simply piggylicious!

  • without animal gelatin
  • gluten-free

100g usually contains

  • kcal


  • Protein (g)


  • Fat (g)


  • Carbs (g)


Katjes - Frdd Ferkel
Fred Ferkel - from Katjes