Katjes - Tappsy


We at Katjes think black and white are simply the
yummiest, softest and most liquoricy colours in the world,
because that’s what our sweet little Tappsy looks like. Besides the yummy foam sugar and liquorice, we particularly love his red fruit gum nose. But it gets even better: We have been making our Tappsy without animal gelatine for quite some time now. To make sure everyone can see that right away, our Tappsy features a cute Veggie sticker. Mmmh, sooo yummy!

  • without animal gelatin
  • gluten-free

100g usually contains

  • kcal


  • Protein (g)


  • Fat (g)


  • Carbs (g)


Katjes - Tappsy
Tappsy from Katjes