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Since its founding in 1950, Katjes Fassin has been a constant pioneer in the sugar confectionery industry. Since 1988, Katjes has been focusing on using natural ingredients, and since 2016, all products of the Katjes brand are 100 per cent vegetarian. In addition to the main Katjes brand, Katjes Fassin also owns other popular brands, such as VICKS cough drops, Ahoj-Brause and Sallos. The portfolio thus ranges from traditional liquorice and fruit gums to boiled sweets and sherbet.

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As a family-run company, Katjes is particularly aware of its responsibility for the future of the environment and society. From reducing water consumption to language courses for refugees: Katjes Katjes bundles the various sustainability measures within the company in its #MissionGrünOhr.

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Although Katjes was named after its first product, the little liquorice kitten, today it stands for much more than just liquorice. The brands products range from traditional liquorice to foam sweets and fruit gums. Well-known brands such as VICKS cough drops, Ahoj-Brause and Sallos belong to the Katjes family.

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At Katjes, quality is key. This commitment to quality includes, besides strict controls, the use of natural ingredients and the comprehensive veggie approach for decades.

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Although the company as it exists today, Katjes Fassin, was founded in 1950, the story of the little black cat began much earlier. Way back in 1910, Xaver Fassin, father of company founder Klaus, brought a liquorice recipe back from Sicily. Since then, Katjes has often been a pioneer in the industry - for example with its Yoghurt-Gums or with its veggie strategy.

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