Katjes goes carbon neutral!

As one of the first companies in the industry and at all three locations in Germany. To this end, we have steadily reduced our energy consumption, ecologically reorganised our energy supply, are now doing without a number of flights and supporting global climate protection projects.


All plant-based.

We converted our entire production, changed recipes and said goodbye to some products with a heavy heart. Because from 2016, all Katjes products have been 100% vegetarian – without animal gelatine! Immediately recognisable with the yellow V-label on our bags!


Growing with VICKS.

In 2015, Katjes acquires an exclusive, permanent licence to market and sells VICKS cough sweets in Europe and Russia. VICKS cough sweets have been on the market for more than 85 years and testify to the expertise of the brand in this field.


Bonjour Lutti!

Our affiliate, Katjes International GmbH & Co. KG, takes a share in the French confectionery manufacturer Lutti. Très bien.


Time for a candy factory!

Not just any candy factory, but the first transparent candy factory in Europe. It was opened in Potsdam-Babelsberg on October 20, 2006, and, since then, it has made it possible for all visitors to take a look behind the scenes of our sweet production.


Only the best from the fruit - granini fruit candy.

The liquid center is a true fruity pleasure. And Katjes catches it for all the hard candy fans out there. Another iconic brand - yummie!


Change of generation:

Bastian Fassin becomes managing partner, thus continuing the family tradition. He replaces his father Klaus Fassin, although the latter still likes to visit the production facilities himself.

Geschäftsführer Bastian Fassin Geschäftsführer Bastian Fassin

The family welcomes Gletscher Eis

The original ice sweets from 1927. The cooling sweets are just as refreshing as they were over 80 years ago – and all this without cream or fat.


Frigeo comes on board.

Legends like Ahoj sherbet and its product line, but also the colourful Crispy Puffed Rice have been delighting young and old since 1925. Childhood memories we like to keep alive!


Hello SALLOS®!

It was in this year that Katjes Fassin took over the Villosa brands SALLOS® and the traditional Hustelinchen cough sweets. SALLOS®, the unmistakable taste of which delights liquorice fans throughout the country, and Hustelinchen, which looks back on a tradition of over 75 years, have been produced by Katjes ever since.


The Katjes family is growing.

Tobias Bachmüller becomes managing partner and makes Katjes internationally known as a trend brand.



No more artificial food colouring!

Naturalness: the order of the day. From then on, we only used fruit pulp, fruit juice and plant-based or fruit-based colour extracts for all our fruit gums and liquorice.


A world first:

Fruit gums with yoghurt. The Yoghurt-Gums immediately becomes a bestseller and are still one of our most popular products today. Inspired by creamy strawberry yoghurt, we decided back then to use a striking pink packaging, which we still use today.


Katjes is founded.

Xaver Fassin divided the company between his children. His son Helmut continued to manufacture household products in Heerenberg. Klaus, his second son, went to the neighbouring German town of Emmerich am Rhein and founded his own company, Katjes Fassin GmbH & Co. KG, which from then on produced confectionery. The tiny black liquorice cats were a very special favourite. To this day, the products are still sold under the name “Katja” in Holland.


In the beginning there was only a tiny cat.

The story of Katjes began in Sicily. Xaver Fassin, whose ancestors also came from the island, brought a liquorice recipe back home with him. His son Klaus used the recipe to produce liquorice in the form of a tiny cat. He called it Katjes – the Dutch word for kitten. When asked why he made a tiny cat, he said it was a talisman. And he was right!