We use zero animal gelatin.

By ensuring our production and our products are completely vegetarian, we not only contribute greatly to animal welfare – we also reduce harmful carbon emissions by 20%. We replace gelatin with substitutes such as plant-based pectin. We’ve included the official yellow V label on our packs so that you can instantly see that our fruit gummies and licorice are vegetarian. In the future, we plan to expand our range of vegan products – that’s a promise.

Flavors and food colorings: natural, naturally!

We want all Katjes flavors to taste as intense and natural as possible. We haven’t used a single drop of artificial food coloring since 1988. Instead, we always use fruit juices, fruit pulp and plant-based or fruit-based color extracts. And in 2007, Katjes took the next natural step – and completely stopped using artificial flavors as well.

Oat drink instead of cow’s milk.

Unlike conventional chocolate, CHOCJES – our vegan chocolate – doesn’t contain any cow’s milk. Which is good news not only for cows and calves, but also for the increasing number of people out there who love chocolate but are lactose-intolerant.

Palm oil? No thank you!

Palm oil plantations are spreading at the direct expense of tropical rainforests. We want to protect the rainforests and do not use palm oil for Katjes production in Emmerich.

European sugar beets.

Sugar plays a lead role at Katjes, of course. But in order to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible and avoid unnecessary traffic, our sugar beets are sourced in Germany and in neighboring EU countries.

Our licorice has to meet the highest licorice standards.

Our Tappsy, Katzen Pfötchen and Salzige Heringe sweets share one thing in common: in all our tasty licorice products, we use only the best licorice juices, mainly from suppliers in Italy. That way we know that every piece of Katjes licorice will meet our high quality standards – in taste and in appearance.

Be treatwise.

Our fruit gummies and licorice products are sweets. Which means they’re treats. Always be treatwise and eat sweets in moderation, as part of a balanced diet and in combination with an active lifestyle! And remember that children, unlike adults, generally can’t tell the difference between enjoying and over-indulging. For this reason, Katjes has made the conscious decision not to place ads right in children’s faces, e.g. in children’s TV program.